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Snow day! My pipes randomly unfroze last night at like 8pm when I'd given in to the idea I'd be basically camping out in my house hauling and heating water for the next week or two until it gets above 0F. I was napping, and suddenly all the faucets came on full blast. That'll give a girl a bit of a start. But hey, water! And heat! And a 4WD SUV! What more can I need? (He's on the way, he's on the way.)

On top of that I got to have one of those fantastic text conversations that you just couldn't fabricate if you tried.

"Texts to treasure, part X"

"Texts to treasure, part X"

So then I woke up this morning and my trusty Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPad, and iPhone all made various ah-ooo-gah noises so I thought something important was going on, but really I was just supposed to take out the trash. So I did that and fell on my ass in the attempt of it.

It always surprises me how fast it happens and how stupid you feel. And you try to act like you meant to do it, every time, right? Like anyone will believe that? But it's all good! I managed to avoid injuring myself DESPITE leaving the house NOT wrapped in bubble wrap.