Nothing Wrong with Boring

I'm finally back on second shift. It's my favorite shift, I've decided. It's night shift--y, but not life destroyingly so, and you can get a lot done in the morning before you go to work if you're not lazily sleeping in. I waver between missing a 3-shift work week and liking 8-hour shifts. After working 12's for so long, I feel like I've hardly been at work after 8 hours.

Corrections is cool. I think it's probably a niche thing, though, and I'm not sure I would like adult corrections. Clearly my population of choice is kids with serious problems. A lot of my job is paperwork (on paper) and passing meds, but the thing is you never know what is going to happen. It's a mixture of giving Tylenol and having to be ready to spring into action with any of dozens of standing orders that allow a ton of autonomy. You wouldn't want kids to leave a maximum-security prison if at all possible, so it's like a little hospital in there. I like it.

Plus all hell breaks loose on a semiregular basis, and this satisfies my lingering trauma queen neural connections. I miss some stuff from the ER, but the thought of going back into a hospital environment right now just makes me tired.

Meanwhile the prison is a fantastic fit for me. My ER experience, particularly in triage, is a boon. I can't imagine my current job without the ER. One needs a finely honed bullshit detector and also a good eye for details plus sharp assessment skills, but that is tricky because at first blush the job looks like a med monkey could do it. A fast med monkey (whipping meds out to 200 kids in med line is a little daunting), to be sure, but still.

Finally, the editor part of my brain likes the just-so policies, procedures, and paperwork. It's nursing, so there are gray areas, but not a lot. There is a policy, a form, or a flowsheet for damn near everything. Editors like stuff like that: how do I do this? Do it like this. Exactly like this. My boss emptied his desk of all the utilization management and piled it on my desk, and I happily plunged into the database.

Finally again, overtime is highly discouraged, so I can almost always count on going to work, doing my job, and leaving on time. After living a highly unscheduled life for so long, I like a work-and-go-home job.

I fervently hope that things will settle down for a while now. No loss of job, no cardiac catastrophe...just getting back on track. At this point I may have to get on track to begin with!