Morning allergy

I took my new sweetie down south to meet my dad this weekend (my "weekend" being Friday and Saturday now). We've been together for a few months now, but he works full time, is a full-time RN student, and lives 45 minutes away, plus until recently I've been in day orientation which put us on opposite schedules, so our contact has been limited to a few hours on Saturdays. Point being he really mostly had only my word for "I am not a morning person."

This became funnier and funnier to me as I watched his amazement grow. Dude woke up at like 8am yesterday and GOT UP. I pulled the covers over my head. He was all, "But we're awake now!" I said, "Speak for yourself." He rolled with it and I woke up 3 hours later with him sitting in bed next to me playing Candy Crush.

We went downstairs (he jauntily traipsed; I stalked), and my dad's partner immediately began asking what we wanted to do for lunch. We could do this! We could do that! I was like "coffee," much like a zombie would say "braaaaaaiiiins."

My dad walked in and sized up the situation (me in boxers and sweatshirt, hair standing straight up on one side, looking murderous, clutching a coffee mug). "Did you just wake up?" he asked. "Unhhh," I said. "Perhaps we should postpone discussion," he said.

My dad knows me. :)

I hope The Boy can accept a significant other who does not bound happily out of bed. I don't see it happening. It actually makes me mad every time I have to wake up. Anyone understand this? Anyone?