Shepherd Of The Gurneys: Dear Miss Management

We also don't tend to give a damn about meeting farcical illusions about how long a visit here takes, or how long the wait is to be seen. We observe daily the overwhelming number of persons who elect to leave before being seen should have made that decision before coming in the first place, borne out by years of not finding their decomposing corpses littering the freeways they drive to get home, ever, at any time in history.

This is utterly fantastic. I love Shepherd, and this post, in addition to being screamingly funny, is sadly the absolute truth. All the issues here are why I am currently doing what I can to stay at out-of-hospital jobs. The total idiocy in management just makes it too angry-making for me to survive in that environment without losing my freaking mind. 

The decisions I saw being made on the basis of needing high patient satisfaction scores were idiotic and unethical, and they are also random. 

I say "random" because, sideline rant for an example, I had to return to the local ER where I used to work because my heart rate was near 180 for more than an hour and I had increasing chest pain. That seemed bad. However, despite the need for certain metrics to be met, like paying attention really fast to chest pain in patients with a significant cardiac history and treating pain, the provider didn't do any of those things. For reasons I still do not understand, those physicians have it in their heads that my heart issues are anxiety and that I lie about pain. This one declined to request my medical records from the hospital that did my ablation and to consult with my surgeon, and even so he said, "I can't find any evidence you even had this surgery you keep talking about." Which was true, because if you don't make that minimal effort to look for stuff, it's pretty unlikely you'll find it. So for a couple hours I lay there writhing in pain while he pumped me full of IV fluids even though there was no reason to suspect dehydration. Then he consulted a different cardiologist (one of the ones who misdiagnosed me for 6 months before), decided something was actually badly wrong with me, and informed me I'd be admitted. Still no pain control. I left AMA before they killed me. As it was I was puffy from fluid. I did not die from leaving AMA, obviously, although ironically the physician then tried to convince me something was wrong and I should stay. I find that generally with those symptoms most people agree you're not quite right, but whatever.

Anyway, I could go on all kinds of rants here, but SOTG's post made me cackle hollowly and you should go read it now.