Hug a thug

I'm finally getting to do more nursing and less orientation at my "kiddie prison job" as my friend J calls it. The "kiddies" go up to age 23, so they're not really cute or anything.

Nursing orientations are exhausting. Exhausting. I've had two in 3 months. I hope this job works out for many reasons. One is that I can't take another nursing orientation.

Corrections seems like the type of environment you love or hate. Happily, it is populated with bizarre and inappropriate people, at least in health services. The officers I can't quite get a handle on. I've always had a congenial relationship with security and law enforcement, but there seems to be preexisting tension there. Maybe not.

Today was the capper of my orientation, "Handle With Care," the defense and takedown system they use. My last job used SCM, and other psych and juvie places use MANT, if you care about that kind of thing. This was, shall I say, robust compared with the kiddie psych system and assumes that when someone tries to hurt you, they probably have actually seriously hurt people before.

But that isn't what I enjoyed. At the end of the day one of the weird and inappropriate mental health people surveyed the new nurses trailing through sally ports in our sweats looking pitiful and asked what had been done to us. "Handle with care," we said. "Ah," he said. "Hug a thug."

A good ending to the day.