Prison stories, part X

I hope I can stay in juvenile corrections for a while, because it's a fantastic fit. I cannot explain why I like the kids. Who chooses problematic teenagers as their patient population of choice? I can explain why I like the job (a little ER, a little of this, a little of that).

Anyway, I figure I'll have a lot of stories, like I used to have "ER stories, part X" on Tumblr, so I'm just starting a thread RIGHT NOW.

This is a funny story.

I went to a new unit where all the kids were locked in their cells and I knew only one. I walked in and couldn't see any kids: I could just hear them from inside their cells.

"Who dat?"

"That's the nurse!"

"What she look like?"



Little did THEY know I would go on to kick ass at Wii Dance Party with my favorite 8-year-old THE VERY NEXT NIGHT. Other than that, "white" pretty much does it.