Does this stuff happen to other people?

I stayed in bed until roughly 3pm today. This is because I've had pyelo all week which prevents sleep because you wake yourself up spiking or breaking a fever or needing more pain medication. It is also because I felt like it and enjoy spending the day in bed. When I finally fumbled for my phone I had eight (8) messages and Facebook messages asking if I was dead. This is what happens when you get a regular job: people expect you to develop adult sleeping habits.

I finally got up and made coffee and took diclofenac, which I've graduated to, but what is this shit with taking it only twice a day? It's wonderful stuff, but after half a day I'm re-reading the label, like maybe the thing changed to "as needed" or something.

After a cup of coffee and enough time for the back pain to start receding, I felt prepared for a shower. Apparently I was not, because I note that I now, although clean, have one shaved leg.

This is because halfway through my shower the fire alarm went off so I had to jump out and fuck with it. Then because I didn’t punch in my code ENOUGH TIMES the fire truck screeched up so I had to wave and say “NO FIRE! NO FIRE!” and sign a bunch of shit stating that I was not in fact hiding a fire in my house.

After all that, would YOU start up a second shower just to shave one leg? I didn't think so.

So my question is, does this stuff happen to other people and they are just intelligent enough to be quiet about it? Or is it me?

UPDATE, several minutes later: Banjo, my fawn pittie, just brought the on-call phone to me. It had been charging on my nightstand and she apparently got caught up in the cord. Clearly she thought THAT MEAN BLACKBERRY WAS CHASING HER and ran in afraid of it. After examining the phone for dog damage (and finding none), I felt proud that even my pets run away screaming from RIM products. Snicker.