FOILED by low-tech solution

As mentioned previously, I can't have my phone at work. Among other issues, I don't have timers and reminders without my phone. I CAN'T BE EXPECTED TO JUST REMEMBER STUFF. Most notably, woe will betide you if you clock out for lunch and take more or less than 30 minutes. You shall not take 29, unless thou then shall proceed to 30; nor shall you proceed past 30 and go to 31.

Woe has befallen me often enough that I bought a $10 Casio watch with a timer and countdowns and stuff on it. It's the kind I wore back in the 80s. My transformation to geek is now complete.

Worse, the damn thing is more complex than a supercomputer. I can do really complicated things with computers and smartphones and figure out the most baffling of technical problems, but damned if I could figure out why this $10 piece of rubber and plastic beeped every 10 minutes starting at midnight last night. (Of course, I was juuuuust sliding into that good part of sleep when this beeping stuff started.)

I feebly poked at the buttons and it beeped hopefully at me, but 10 minutes later the alarm went off again.

So I took it across the house and hid it under the couch cushions.