Stuff people Google to get to this blog

Occasionally I click on that section of my blog with numbers and graphs and such, and one option is "Search Queries." This can be fun. Not as fun as the queries The Bloggess gets, but what can you expect? She makes having diarrhea funny. I'm just not in that sphere.

Still, here are some interesting ones.

  • 2 votes for "work is stupid and I'm sick of it"
  • 2 for "heart blocks are like relationships" (I'd like to hear more on this one actually)
  • "nurses suck"
  • "nurses depress"
  • "Not Ratched isp" (only 1 stalker this time?)
  • "code switching is can hurt communication" (yes and so is can verbing oddly)
  • "what if your tongue goes back in your mouth whilst getting it pierced" (?)

Ah well. I was amused for a second or two. I must move along now.