Conversations that make you go LOL

My grandparents are both 93. They've been married since they got out of college, they live independently, and they're perfect foils for each other. They're healthier than I am. My grandmother walks a mile each day and rides a stationary bike at night. This is because she has recently discovered diabetes and is alert to the dangers of end-organ damage.

I (plan to) call my grandmother weekly. I've been better about it since I commute and have all that driving time. Some conversations are worth preserving.

Yesterday I called her and she said, "Grandpa is on his phone talking to Uncle X. Let me switch rooms."

Grandpa comes on the line. "Hello?"


"Who's this?"

"It's NNR."

"Well, I'm on the phone!"

[Perplexed] "Um...well...yeah...grandma went to get on the extension in the other room."

"What? I'm on the phone!"

[Grandma's voice, distantly] "You're on the other phone! With X! I've answered that one to talk to NNR but I want to talk in here so I can hear!"

[Grandpa, loudly, because he has forgotten he is yelling into my ear] "But DEAR, I'm on the phone!" [To me] "Who is this?"


[Grandma picks up extension] "Are you there?"


[To Grandpa] "Hang up! Pick up your other phone!"

"Oh, OK...."