Of doxycycline, vampires, and

I went to the doctor today because I had crazy weirdnesses going on (INSANE fatigue, fevers, hella severe pain in my finger joints and feet). RA runs in my family. I'll leave it at that.

He asked if I'd possibly been bitten by a tick or a mosquito, and I was like dude we're in KANSAS in June! I pulled a tick off a place you wouldn't want a tick just last week, and last weekend I went over to my friend J's house and collected a half-dozen evil itchy claw-your-leg-off-scratching bug bites. So yeah along with everyone else around, I have possibly been bitten by some blood-sucking insect.

He agreed my fingers were looking swollen and kind of janky (labs to be drawn this week) but put me on doxycycline. "Have you taken it before?"

"No, actually."

"So you know the deal. No dairy."

"Yes yes. And don't go out in the sun."

Clearly honestly surprised, he stopped typing and looked over his laptop. "Do you GO in the sun? You look like the fluorescent lights might burn you."