Could YOU pass these tests at a new job?

I started a new job this week. I'm very experienced at starting new jobs. This one threw me for a loop by giving me a bunch of tests, and I'm not talking the HIPAA checklist tests. It was like "surprise! Nursing school finals, for money this time!"

One was one of those pharmacy/conversion tests, and I had a bad feeling. It has been years since I memorized or had to deal with grains or drip rates or any of that stuff we just don't use in practice. Happily I have a brain that eventually will retrieve things if I let it roam long enough, but dayum.

Then just when I recovered from that shock they gave me a long checklist and informed me I had to do a head-to-toe physical asssessment for an HCP and be checked off. Really, who tests all the cranial nerves by name and assesses tactile fremitus and all that day to day? Fortunately the HCP watching me confessed she couldn't remember each CN either and was satisfied with my normal neuro exam. I passed that too.

I suppose it should not cause shock that an employer would want to ensure I know how to do what they hired me for, but it did. I thought I was leaving that stuff behind when I finished boards.

Does this make anyone nervous?