16 Nursing Blogs You NEED To Read | Medical Scrubs Collection Blog

"If you can’t tell, Not Nurse Ratched is NOT Nurse Ratched, author of the wildly popular yet unfortunately retired nursing blog. She is a one of a kind individual, who channels the skills and oftentimes bizarre and random information she derived from ten years of editing medical journals, into writing this super entertaining blog. She doesn’t just cover nursing topics, though. You’ll find technology, humor, medicine, how-to tutorials, and most importantly, cute animal pictures. A guaranteed winner!"

Ava from medicalscrubscollection.com e-mailed me to let me know my blog was featured in one of her new blog posts (new blog AND new post). I liked her description so well I had to repost it. Check the rest of her list, too. There are a few on there I hadn't read before, and they're worth a read.

I also sent her post Calling All Guys: Scrub Tips Just For You to my boyfriend. No one seems to write about dudes and scrubs. He's going from being a pediatric psych nurse who can wear shorts to work to working in corrections, so he's gotta do some shopping!