Oh, for the love (of pit bulls)

Annie HATES walks

Annie HATES walks

I love pit bulls and want any pit bull to be rescued who can be. That is why I get upset by situations like this one, which just occurred. I did not have either of my dogs with me because they hate walks. See the photo for proof.

I was walking on the sidewalk, and a lady with a gorgeous blue pit bull was headed toward me. She veered off into a driveway, put the pit in a sit, and watched me walk. I hit the end of the driveway, and she said, with hectoring tones, "PLEASE hurry up. Pass us. Hurry! My dog is not friendly to other people! PLEASE pass us!"

It infuriated me because (1) it's rude to start commanding others to do stuff, (2) it's not as if I were a snail slipping on my trail, so she didn't need to hurry me along, and (3) this kind of behavior is unsafe and shouts the message that pit bulls ARE the aggressive and dangerous animals that they are stereotyped as.

This pit wasn't muzzled and didn't have the yellow tie on his leash; clearly, the lady doubted her ability to handle the animal, or I assume she would not be standing in someone else's driveway yelling at a passer-by to hurry past so the dog didn't attack.

Dogs don't always behave, and it is the owner's responsibility to ensure the safety of other people and their animals. Pit bulls have such a bad rap that I feel even more strongly that they should be OBSERVABLY well controlled, because if you show someone a snarling Yorkie and a snarling pit bull, the pit bull will be percieved as meaner.

I tried to just keep walking. The span of a driveway isn't that far and doesn't take long. Still I heard her wailing "please! Hurry!" over my podcast. I took my earbuds out and said, "You know what? This attitude is not helpful. I don't mind your asking, but be nice about it." Then I put my earbuds back in to block out her strident reply. I don't think the environment encouraged any more fruitful education.

What is WRONG with people?