Book review: Correctional Health Care Patient Safety Handbook

Dr. Lorry Schoenly is sort of the queen of corrections right how as far as writing and publishing. This post reviews her book Correctional Health Care Patient Safety Handbook, but don't stop reading if you have another specialty. The book extends patient safety research into corrections and points out how the corrections environment complicates patient safety, but the basic research applies across the board.

Dr. Schoenly summarizes a lot of complicated research succinctly; there isn't room for much fluff in this slim but information-packed book. The references lists alone are worth gold for anyone interested in corrections, patient safety, or both, and the tables that appear throughout suck the marrow out of the already-condensed text.

Managers of all colors will find this an indispensable crash course, not only for improving patient safety but also for improving staff relations (which, accordingly, affect patient safety). Reading about management theory is not my favorite thing, so I'm perfectly happy letting someone else do it and summarize it nicely.

Grab the book at Amazon: Correctional Health Care Patient Safety Handbook: Reduce Clinical Error, Manage Risk, and Improve Quality, $30 for the paperback and $10 for the Kindle version.