Twice as Nice Uniforms: scrubs review

I was asked to review some Twice as Nice (2N) Uniforms scrubs and jumped at the chance. The premise is that people who live in scrubs are generally either too hot or too cold, and for me that's true. I'm the nurse wearing fleece at the nursing station and miserable in the trauma room.

The idea is that these scrubs have a thin, wicking liner that easily snaps in or out, so you can be warm enough with it that you don't have to wear coats and other silliness. Intrigued, I paged through the site.

A few styles are available for both men and women, and they're adding colors since I first visited. These are expensive scrubs. There's no way around it. Still, they're not all that much more than the super cute scrub sets (that I never buy) in uniform catalogs. I think the cost is justifiable considering the convenience and quality.

I picked the lilac Darla style because, let's face it, I don't need a "SLIMMER" style. You can tell just opening the package that these scrubs are high quality. It's like the difference between the clearance sheets and the Egyptian 12 million count ones. I immediately threw on the set and paraded around for a few minutes, and that was about as long as it took me to love the top and hate the pants. It isn't the pants' fault, though.

Let me explain. I don't like stuff on my legs. I'm the idiot wearing shorts until it freezes outside. I probably will have a parka on over them, but I just hate feeling bunchy or constricted on my lower half. The thin liner in these pants almost certainly wouldn't bother a normal person, but they clearly aren't for me. I returned them to the company to keep someone else's legs warm.

Since then I've worn the top in various environments and really like it. The liner magically does keep you a lot warmer, and it's easy to slip away to a restroom and snap out the liner if you know you're about to be in an 85-degree room for a while. I never seem to put it back in, partly because I'm not able to find it until I leave for the shift and partly because changing clothes twice in one shift seems like too much effort, but it's not complicated to snap back in.

I think these are intended for people to wear the liner for entire shifts (in air-conditioning) anyway and not for those who go from cold to hot repeatedly in one shift. From an infection-control standpoint, it's genius, because if, like me, you typically wear long sleeves because you're freezing, you can stop doing that and not drag your sleeves through a microbial soup for your entire shift. The liner does provide the same feeling as an entire extra layer.

Fashion-wise, the pants I returned fit larger than scrubs the same size in different brands, so had I intended to really try the liner concept, I would have needed a smaller size. They had all the usual amenities that scrub pants have. (They do have a sizing chart on the site which, had I used it, would have resulted in my choosing the right size.)

The style top I picked is nice because it rides a big longer, and the sleeves also go a bit longer. They're not 3/4 length but come nearly down to the bend of my elbow.

There's no particular reason I like those things better other than personal choice. With this top I'm not constantly pulling the hem of my shirt down when I bend over to make sure I'm not flashing people, and I can lift my arms without suspecting I'm giving people an unneeded bra shot. Also, as I said previously, the material is simply comfortable.

It's got typical patch pockets and easily holds all the junk I haul around with me all day.

The only annoyance I had with it was that the seam liner for the snaps flipped up around the neckline when I didn't have the liner in at first, but it stopped doing that after one shift. Apparently it needed some training.

I see now that they're adding more things, and I wish I'd seen the "Comfort Sleeves" when I first visited (even easier to add and subtract, plus I have tattoos that my employers would really rather not see).

The brand is worth careful consideration. If the price is in your way, a holiday will eventually come around and someone will ask what you want. Also, perhaps you're like me and don't like extra "stuff" around your top or bottom, in which case the cost is half as much.

Disclaimer: 2N provided me with a set of scrubs (well, half a set, at the finish) with no guarantee as to the content of my review.