ER tales, part X

All the hullaballoo about the Apple Watch has reminded me of a funny ER story.

It was the day after the first FaceTime iPhone was released, and my then-boyfriend, M, and I had both gotten ours, but one of the physicians (L) at work hadn't received his yet. M was at work with L, and I was at home sleeping between shifts. L was DYING to see FaceTime, so M decided to give him a demo and placed a FaceTime call.

It was about 2pm, the worst possible time to wake a nightshifter, so the call wrenched me out of a sleep I knew I probably wouldn't return well to, and I was MAD. And had bed head. I immediately learned the downsides of video calling when I answered and saw my boyfriend's head encircled by a crowd of curious doctors and PAs—and realized they saw me with pillow lines on my face! The line dropped, and I tried to salvage my sleep.

No sooner had my head hit the pillow than the phone rang AGAIN. When I answered, the boyfriend appeared again. "Dr. X has a new phone and wondered if you could do a three-way FaceTime call. It messed up everything."

Another physician wandered over to the circle of people staring at M's phone and asked what was going on.

"I was trying to show L how FaceTime worked, and Dr. X tried to call me to see whether three-way video chats worked, and it hung up on everyone."

"So the three-way didn't work?" Deadpan.


"What about a reach-around?"