I'm Excited about Apple Music

Apparently, though, I'm in a minority group with that excitement. I get it. Ping was Apple's last foray into this type of thing, and it catastrophically failed. Actually, it wasn't even catastrophic; it was THAT BORING.

I have a lot of music, meaning I own a lot of music that lives on my laptop in my iTunes library. It lives also in the cloud through iTunes Match, a service that I like just fine despite the criticism it gets. I don't think $25/year is highway robbery for storing all of my music and freeing me from having to find a cable to sync each device I want my music on. Ain't nobody got time for that.

In addition to all that tunage, I have been paying $9.99/month for Spotify since it arrived on US soil, and I'm happy to pay it. I'm one of those people for whom this type of streaming service makes sense because I listen to so much music. If I really like it, I'll buy it and add it to my iTunes library, although I'm getting fuzzier about remembering to do thi s. It's too easy to pull playlists together between iTunes and Spotify and never need to know "is this music I own, or is it streaming?"

Subscription services are starting to nickel and dime me, so I regularly pause during my monthly bill-paying and evaluate whether I really need each one, "need" being, of course, subjective. I don't pause too long over Spotify. Yes, $120 a year for music I don't get to keep sounds like a terrible idea; however, it works for me, because I'm the type of person who used to buy a couple of CDs a month back in the old days. I basically used them the way I use Spotify, to find new stuff I liked. If I liked it, I kept it, but if I didn't, well, the return on used CDs wasn't so great. I don't think I'm wasting any more money with streaming, and there's a good chance I'm not even spending as much money on music since I try before I buy.

All that said, Apple Music looks to possibly allow me to slim down my subscription round-up by combining iTun es Match and Spotify functionality, and that sounds fantastic to me. I don't care at all about the live radio or the Connect (that sounds like Ping, which didn't work the first time either), but the ability to stream (and cache for offline listening) the entire iTunes library will effectively replicate what I use Spotify for. I dare to hope that it will be even easier to combine owned and streamed music within the same ecosystem. This hope revolves around two major unknowns: will Apple Music actually replicate iTunes Match functionality, and are they serious about streaming ALL that music?

If the answers are yes, what's not to like? Apple Music is one of the three things that excited me about the keynote, the other two being Watch OS 2 and the Notes.app enhancements. I'm pretty easy to please.