Are you a good nurse or a bad nurse?

I'm a bad nurse. I have just spent 3 days in bed with a fever and crud. During that time I piled blankets on myself when I had the chills (during the heat wave) and didn't push fluids. In fact I didn't eat or drink anything at all because I just didn't feel like going that whole 20 feet to the kitchen. Admit it: who actually does all the stuff you tell patients to do?

I'm really over being sick. This latest bout of drud is arguably my fault. I had a ridiculous sinus infection and prayed for my head to drain; I should have been more specific. NOW it's draining. OK, point taken. The grass isn't always greener.

I see a definite trend here with my immune system, that being that working nights seems to be a thing of my more youthful days. I put in notice and am moving on to a Day Job. A Day Job That Is Not in a Hospital. I look forward to health, a regular schedule, and doing something different.