Beyond Scrubs review: I love these scrubs!

The folks at Scrubs and Beyond asked me to review their new scrubs line, Beyond Scrubs. I picked out a set and gave them a spin, and they are without a doubt my favorite scrubs to date. I used to think that scrubs couldn't be that complicated, but as anyone who wears them soon realizes, it is extremely difficult to find a combination of material, fit, and storage (pockets, loops, hooks, and so on), not to mention style, that you like. These, though, are that perfect combination.

Abby yoga-inspired Beyond Scrubs pants

Abby yoga-inspired Beyond Scrubs pants

I ordered an Ellie V-neck top and, with grave misgivings, the Abby yoga-inspired pants. I felt like yoga + scrub pants must surely be a horrible idea, yet the actuality of the pants looked pretty good, so I went for it. I got the pewter, which has bright pink accents around the inside seams.

They are incredibly comfortable, to start with. The material is soft and vaguely stretchy without seeming too thin, and the stretchiness somehow allows them magically to fit like normal scrubs while feeling custom-tailored. I normally wear drawstring scrub pants because the elastic ones fall down, and although the drawstrings crimp my middle, I'd rather be crimped than pantsless. These yoga-style scrub pants have a wide, comfortable elastic waist that stays up. I loaded my pants pockets with all the stuff I normally carry plus a few dollars in quarters, and they still stayed put. No hitching at my waistband. The pants have side slits at the bottoms, too, which I prefer.

The top is a fairly typical style but achieves exactly the right length to cover my waistband when I bend over while not extending so long that it looks like a sail when I'm standing. The arm holes are large enough that they don't catch at my arms, too. Apparently I gesture like a windmill during normal conversation, because scrub tops typically nip my upper arms. These don't, but the top fits so that a bra won't show anywhere—no need for an undershirt. The pockets hold a normal amount of stuff. As with the pants, the top somehow manages to look like the rest of my scrubs yet to fit a lot better.

Magical though they may be, these scrubs have two drawbacks. The first is that the material is very wrinkly. I'm not an ironer (I'm not sure that I even own an iron), and if I don't snatch the laundry immediately out of the dryer, these scrubs look like accordions. The second is the inclusion of zippers. There are heavy zippered pockets, one each on the top and pants. The zippered pocket on the top is lined rather heavily, and it adds some bulk. The zippers aren't a huge deal, but they seem unnecessary.

Finally, Beyond Scrubs are definitely affordable. They fall somewhere between the generic scratchy kind and the designer label ones. But wait! NNR readers can snag a set for 20% off until June 2016: just use the code NNR20.[1]

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