The summer is KILLING me

I'm not blogging much lately; I'm not much of anything lately. We're having our usual heat wave, only this year I'm out in it rather than sleeping through the heat of the day. It isn't going well. For 7 years I've been a night crawler, which is excellent in the summer. For the most part I was inside in a dark air-conditioned place during the heat of the day. Now I'm in and out of a hot car all day.

For years I joked about being a light-fearing vampire. I really don't like the sun. It's bright and hot. I have no desire to be out in it. It makes my eyes hurt, and the whole experience is just generally unpleasant for me. However, it isn't funny now. I think I had good reasons for being a night owl, because now that I'm not, it's really a difficult adjustment.

There is horrible fatigue. There are puking headaches. There is nausea. A coworker finally mentioned that it must be like having to move to another climate in a different time zone, and I think it kind of is!

Ah well. I can't expect for years of habit and conditioning to be reversed instantly. I'm sure I will adapt. This schedule has to be healthier in the long run, and I'm already exercising much more consistently. I just think it's ironic that so much attention goes to how to survive night shift where here I am having the worst time moving to days!