Updates on my fascinating life, thoughts on Apple Music, and...?

Hey, I survived another 4th of July! I have a new salaried job (hospice case manager), so not only did I NOT have to work the 4th in an ER, I didn't have to work at all. And I got paid anyway. That's some awesomesauce right there. I used Friday to jet down and spend the day with my grandparents in their assisted living apartment. I can only hope that if I live to be 95, I'm doing as well as they are.

They're 95. 95! I hope I got most of my genes from this side of my family.

They're 95. 95! I hope I got most of my genes from this side of my family.

On the actual 4th I got up early and drove home to dog-sit, because one of my pit bulls goes ape from Things That Make Noise. This includes thunder and fireworks. She turns cartwheels and pants until she froths. So I drug her and sit home with her. I know how to party, people.

So, during my trip into the pits of Southeast Kansas, I experimented more with Apple Music. Typically I fuss over playlists in Spotify and download them all for offline listening, but I resolved to see if Apple Music would "just work." Aside from Beats 1, for which I had to turn on my VPN, it actually did. There are dead zones down there; I got much better reception in rural Italy than I do in my hometown. Nevertheless, by some dark magic, the music never even jittered. Beats 1, by the way, holds no attraction for me. I've given it a good try, but my music tastes manage to exclude every song they play, ever.

I listen to a lot of music. I have a huge iTunes library. I've been happily paying Spotify $9.99 for years. I have already canceled my subscription there. For my needs, Apple Music is a slam-dunk.

  • The stuff I stream integrates seamlessly with my existing playlists, so all those smart playlists keep working with my streamed music.
  • The "for you" recommendations are creepily good.
  • My Apple Watch playlist now syncs streamed music to my watch, so I am finally freed of lugging my iPhone out to exercise. I want to listen to NEW music when I'm out!
  • Thus far I have discovered only one track I wanted that Apple Music didn't have, and I listened to some weird stuff.
  • I like the iTunes Match simulation well enough.

It packages all of the things I actually DO with music into one service. It's not a particularly user-friendly service at first, but as I recall Spotify has been through a lot of interations at this point. I've been doggedly trying to make subscription services work, back from the Napster and Rhapsody days, and now I have a solution that finally works.

I hope Apple makes a lot of UI improvements to it, though. iTunes needs to be nuked and repaved.