You WANT this $12 Sport band for your Apple Watch

Well, maybe you don't, but if you have an Apple Watch and are tired of the color you originally bought, $12 is a fantastic advantage over Apple's $50.

These come in the usual colors for both sizes of Watch and, like, Apple's, include three parts for two sizes. I got the pink one (pictured). I have had the blue that came with my original order, and I like it just fine, but one does crave a bit of change.

I can't distinguish this from the Apple one other than looking at it; it has the same squishy feel, latches in the same hole, and resists dirt. My skin doesn't itch. It arrived in a few days (it wasn't a Prime offering when I bought it last week).

What's not to like?

I also bought one of these from Zenok leather. Apparently I am overcome with a need for variety. Expensive? Hellz yeah. BUT not as pricey as an Apple one, and this is an independent crafter. I've bought notebooks from this Etsy shop before and trust the products.