I've always had twisted coworkers

I randomly just remembered one of the funnier things that's ever happened to me at work...and it was back when I was an editor! I share it now for general entertainment.

Back story: I worked with J, who liked to draw strange cartoons. Why? I don't question these things. We had a freelancer T, whom I'd happened to overhear on the phone with another colleague, saying he appreciated being able to work from home because he was disabled. We also all knew that he was gay.

Meanwhile, J was preparing a package for T and included a sketch of Captain Cupcake. It was a drawing of a cupcake wearing a pirate's hat and an eye patch, and it had a peg leg. Why the cupcake? I do not ask why.

Later that evening I mentioned the phone call, and J put down his beer (we weren't at work anymore).

"I just sent a drawing of a cupcake with a peg leg to a disabled gay man?"

"Um, I guess so, yes."

"And you didn't think you should MENTION THIS?"

"Um, I guess not, no."

There was hatred and bitterness.

Fortunately, T did not take offense to Captain Cupcake...