Animal update

Also, blog update. I have no idea what direction to take this blog. I stopped blogging at after (can this be??) 4 years. Perhaps I'll write more of those kinds of posts here. Bloggery has changed so much in the (can this be??) 8 years since I started this one that I can't keep up with Joneses or anyone else.

So I'll write about my pets, because they're entertaining. For those new to the cast of characters, there are three: the cat, Comma, an old and cranky tuxedo lady; the pit bull Annie, a vast brindle beast without the sense to come in out of the rain; and Banjo, a fawn pit bull mix who is smarter than many humans I know.

They're a mess.

Today's observation centers around dog food. I got the two dogs nearly at the same time, and they were young puppies, so I raised them not to eat each other's food. It's nonnegotiable. They know not to go near the other one's bowl, and they never do.

But I didn't think the cat would ever enter the fray.

This morning I heard rumbles of malcontent and went to investigate. I found the cat sitting calmly at Banjo's bowl, eating her food. Banjo was flummoxed at this turn of affairs. She knows she isn't allowed to eat Annie's food, and Annie has never eaten her food, but is she allowed to fight with the cat? She danced around and howled.

I removed the cat and put her on the fridge, where her (full) bowl sat. Both dogs sat by their bowls. Everyone was too confused to continue with breakfast. I went back to bed.

Just now I heard another commotion and found a similar tableau, only this time I discovered that the cat had carefully picked all the chicken pieces out of Banjo's dog food. And carried them bit by bit up to her bowl.