Miracle Morning, Miracle Me: That Pesky E

I started religiously doing the Miracle Morning 16 days ago. I blogged about it on Medium already and thought I'd start blogging regularly about my adventures. I'm thinking hard on what to do with my blogging future, by the way; I don't think being a nurse blogger is my thing anymore. Anyway.

You're supposed to give yourself a full 30 days to acclimate to the systemic shock that occurs when you start getting up early and doing healthy stuff, so I'm about halfway through. I told myself I wouldn't edit the system until I'd tried it exactly as written for long enough to tell if it's doing anything.

I've changed around the amounts of time I spend on each SAVERS, but otherwise I've been a purist, and there's no proscription against changing how much time you spend on each thing anyway.

Getting up early and doing SAVRS has caused relatively little friction for me, which shocks me because I was a night owl for so long. The E (exercise) I am having more trouble with in the morning. When the weather has been nice, which in Kansas means not too far below freezing and without a whistling wind, I've had surprisingly little difficulty getting out the door for a (very slow) walk/jog to start out my fitness journey. Today it's like 3F, so that isn't going to happen.

I've supplied myself with Ways to Exercise at Home so I have T25 DVDs and a yoga app on my iPad/Apple TV. Problem is, the boyfriend and I live in the tiniest of houses, and he's working second shift right now, so there is nowhere and no way I can do much of anything except creep around in the mornings to avoid waking him up. The gym? Is 15 minutes away. With my work schedule I do not have the wherewithal to spend 30 minutes a morning just driving. That's several hours a week I could be doing something, well, something else. I drive enough during working hours.

Furthermore, I feel totally worn out starting around late morning and am starting to wonder if "exercise in the morning" is too one size fits all. Hands down I am more likely to do it I I can cross it off my list first thing. I'm not debating that. Still, at least with current circumstances being what they are, I've decided to break with my resolve and try exercising after work. I'll let you know how that goes.